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January 19, 2013

When we allow GOD’s grace (GOD’s unmerited favour borne out of HIS geniune love for us) to take its full cause in us,
#the only effort we put into life is our continued willingness to completely follow HIS lead
(infact, “HE works in us to will, andto do [right]”. So, we can say our efforts are actually completely at rest, as even our willingness to follow is triggered by HIM!),
#our lives bring HIM pleasure and we thereby fufil HIS purpose for creating us, with an assurance of this, we can derive another assurance just as pleasing; we can be sure of reaching our ultimate destiny-Heaven, ­ and reigning with HIM.
#even during our “follow trip” here on earth, HIS glory’d radiate in, on, through and around us as our thoughts(will) and actions(do)HE makes right as we trust, follow and obey HIS instructions and promptings, even the rather ‘little’ones like “Don’t you think you should be reading now”, “Go help your mum in the kitchen”, “It’s been three days since we really communed last, you should make out sometime to pray!”, thereby, providing a serene environment in us for HIS glory to shine through and true!
**My favourite part of it all, is that I get to have all of this for literally doing nothing!
The rest of the world can continue toiling, I think it’s time I retired, it’s time I allowed GOD’s grace do the toiling for me (and of course, in me).
In the end, just like Daniel, I’d be ten times better off! I bet you won’t mind coming along with me for this. By the way, I’d love to have partners.
**I think I should add this.
We always love to believe that GOD’s glory shinning through us means we’d turn out to become some world-famous ‘stinkingly’ rich fellow. Well, that would only be a part of the deal for you if you(being a tool in GOD’s hands) require the fame and vast wealth to effectively perform your function(s) in HIS ‘workshop’.
Let’s look at it this way. In a carpenter’s workshop we have many different tools, designed as per their functions. Imagine if every tool were like the saw(beingone of the most popular); they all had nothing but thin zig-zag blades and a (wooden) handle. Won’t that render the nail useless? It would also be cutting through wood planks instead of binding them together! What about the hammer? It would impair the nails, cutting through them rather than driving them into wood, and probably also destroy itself while trying to drive in nails. Not every tool needs a blade and a wooden handle, but everyone of them is equiped perfectly to perform its function(s).
GOD’s grace doesn’t promise you fame. But promises you an admirable identity. It doesn’t promise you vast wealth, but it does promise you prosperity and comfort. It doesn’t promise you world appreciation and recognition, but an excellent life in all areas!
If we all go to ‘the ends of the earth’, who would cater for the other parts?
You don’t have to be the richest or most influencial man/woman to be ‘great’. If you’d stay wherever GOD puts you (taking you as a nail for example), you’d realise you’re just as relevant as if you were that world-famous person (Saw) you’d have desired to be.
Morever if we’d put it to heart that ‘greatness’ (in whatever way we may see it) is only a means to further please GOD and not and end in itself, we won’t be stuck onbecoming ‘stinkingly’ rich or famous. With this in mind, if the vast wealth, fame and the likes end up coming, we know it’s more of an investment than profit, and if it doesn’t, we’d be sure we need just as much wealth, comfort and fame as we have to function perfectly. We’d be sure HE’s given us just as much as we have to be relevant to HIM, ourselves and the rest of the world. We’d still be content with our lives.
GOD bless you!



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