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March 18, 2013

A young innocent girl gets raped on her way back home from school. A girl strives tirelessly to impress but constantly gets sexually, emotionally and phsycologically abused to a point of mental anormally, by the man who shouldbe her security- her own father! A beautiful teenage girl with an obviously bright future becomes the scape-goat of financial instability in the home, and is sold for a few bucks to traffickers. A retired middle-aged man who spends his life savings to see his only son through school, suddenly gets the news of his son’s murder in his last month of University education. A man secures a loan for a business that goes completely down the drain, leaving him neck-dip in debt and with no where to turn . A young man, despite his academic determination and resilent efforts to pay his fees, justcan’t graduate from the University after spending 7years on a 4year course. A woman gives birth to a son after 16years of waiting and has him kid napped from Pre-school and eventually killed for rituals, a young girl has her entire family wiped out in a terrible terrorist attack that makesher life a ‘tragedy’, and as if forcing herself to have to stare at the familiy photograph on her room wall and still find courage to’face life’ isn’t enough, she wakes one morning to realise she has cervical cancer!
…. At some point in life, we get both sides of our ropes burning, so much that sucide seems like the best option. We think “I’m done with all of this…guess it’s time to quit!”. Some of us can possibly relate with a few of these instances. But, believe me, no matter your situation, there are people who have had it worse but still got it right!
You can too!
SUCIDE IS NOT AN OPTION! Drugs won’t help, serial sex won’t, neither would masturbation or alcohol. These would only get things worse! IF GOD CAN DO ANYTHING FOR ANYBODY, HE CAN DO SOMETHING FOR YOU! Hand the wheels of the over to HIM! He’ll either give you a fresh start or a refreshed continuation, making something beautiful from that ugly situation (with your best intrest at heart)! We’ll always have unanswered questions, don’t let the one(s) youhave now stop you from trusting GOD! YOU’RE NOT ALONE IN THIS! Believe me, YOU’RE NOT FORGOTTEN! You don’t have to have it all figured out. You either ‘gullibly’ trust GOD or ‘perfectly’ gocrazy. TRUST HIM! HE knew that you were going to be in that messyou’re in right now even before it came along, and has arranged to get you RESTORED! HE’S PREPARED TO GIVE YOU DOUBLE FOR YOUR TROUBLE!


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